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What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online marketplace for people to rent out their spare bedrooms in a house or rent short-term lodging including vacation rentals, apartment rentals, homestays, hostel beds, or even hotel rooms.

How Does an Airbnb Business Work?

The first step is to become an Airbnb host and register your property by submitting photos and descriptions of the space for rent. Once a property is listed with Airbnb it can be viewed by travelers looking for accommodation in the host area. Guests can search the “Airbnb passive income” listings using a variety of criteria such as:

  • destination
  • dates of availability
  • price
  • number of rooms, bedrooms, and washrooms
  • amenities such as breakfast, hot tub, pets allowed, etc.
  • host language
  • facilities such as parking, air conditioning, etc.

Before booking a chosen accommodation through Airbnb the guest can contact the host directly for further information via the Airbnb messaging service.


As well as browser access, Airbnb has mobile apps for Apple IOS and Android devices.


For security purposes, hosts must provide acceptable identification to Airbnb. To build a trusted community, travelers can post reviews of accommodations (and hosts can review guests). Reviews are not anonymous.

Guest Services

For guest peace of mind, Airbnb provides a secure payment platform and payments to hosts are withheld until 24 hours after guest arrival. Airbnb has a 24-hour guest hotline in case any issues are encountered during the rental period.


The host sets the price for the lodging and Airbnb charges the following fees:

  • Host: 3 percent payment transaction fee
  • Guest: 6-12 percent booking fee

Hosts may require a security deposit and may also charge a cleaning fee.


Depending on the jurisdiction, Airbnb may apply state, provincial, or city taxes to guest bookings.


This all sounds good. But is this all legal? I don’t want to get into trouble with the law…

Good question!

Before you decide to start an Airbnb business, make sure you are legally allowed to become an Airbnb host in your jurisdiction, and you are prepared to follow local laws and regulations!

The short answer is yes. It is legal, but it is wise to explore city laws to see what kind of limitations that you may have.

For example, San Francisco has a maximal cap of 90 days per host. But the city of San Diego doesn’t.


Travelers Prefer Airbnb Rentals

One of the great things about running an Airbnb business is that travelers prefer Airbnb to hotels, motels, or hostels for many reasons:

  1. Cost: An Airbnb rental is typically much cheaper than a comparable hotel room. Depending on the location, in some cases, an entire house can be rented via Airbnb for the cost of a single hotel suite.
  2. Living Locally: According to statistics one of the main attractions of an Airbnb stay is to “live like a local”. Rather than renting a generic hotel room, most Airbnb guests prefer to stay in a neighborhood and experience the destination the way locals do.
  3. Privacy: Airbnb users are not constantly surrounded by hotel guests and staff.
  4. Peace and Quiet: Airbnb rentals are typically more secluded and don’t suffer from noisy hotel activity such as early morning guest departures, maid service, young children, and traffic.
  5. See What You Are Getting in Advance: Unlike a hotel where at best you may see an image of a similar room on their website with Airbnb you get detailed photos and descriptions of the actual premises.
  6. Diversity: Airbnb has an enormous diversity of available accommodations, from boathouses and yachts to lighthouses and castles.
  7. The Comforts of Home: Rather than generic hotel rooms Airbnb listings have the homey feel of an actual living space (some even have resident pets). Kitchens allow guests who wish to save money on dining out or have dietary problems to prepare their own food.
  8. Space for Family or Friends: With Airbnb, you can save a lot of money by renting an entire house/apartment/condo for family and friends rather than multiple hotel rooms. 


How much have I made from Passive Airbnb? 

There are probably a ton of different blogs showing you how to run a vacation rental business.

Have you stopped to think if these so-called “gurus” have actually done any of it? In order to differentiate myself from others, I am going to show you some real numbers from my Airbnb account.

Now, it is not my intention to impress you, but rather it is to let you know that I am a real person, who’s been doing this for less than 6 months.

What Is the Telephone Number for Airbnb Customer Service?

The customer service number Airbnb is (585) 743-9778. If you need to contact Airbnb, you can use the Airbnb number, send an email, or message on Twitter.

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